Why Choose 6 Series

Easy Clean Double Rollers

Simply push and release to reach those tricky areas

Chrome Dual Handle

Discreet inside handle and larger external handle.

Mershield Easy Clean Glass

To ensure the glass maintains its sparkle

Affordable Quality

6 Series


Easy Clean Double Roller

This feature on our 6 Series range is a great addition to making your enclosure the easiest to clean on the market. Simply push and release for easy cleaning in those tricky to reach areas.

A Choice Of

Chrome Dual Handle

A luxurious chrome dual handle complements the look of this framed range of enclosures with a discreet inside handle and larger external handle for easy closing.


Easy Clean Glass

All products in the 6 Series range are treated with Mershield, a special protective coating which ensures the glass maintains its sparkle. This comes as standard as part of our ongoing commitment to service





Affordable Quality

6 Series Products