Delivery Packaging Guide

Our delivery and packaging guide will help you install your MERLYN shower with ease

Please note from our packaging guide the number of boxes your door will be supplied in depending on its size and model.

Side panels are supplied in a separate, extra box.

If the enclosure ordered is not listed in the guide, the product, installation guide and fixing kit are supplied in 1 box.

Some products are handed, please state right hand (RH) or Left Hand (LH) when ordering. Due to the extensive choice and options within Glass by MERLYN packaging will vary with each individual order.

Please note that the grey boxes denote the location of the installation guide and fixing kit:


MERLYN 10 Series

10 Series 1 Door Offset Quadrant
Series-10-1-Door-Quadrant_PackagingGuide (1) 10 Series 1 Door Quadrant
Series-10-1-Door-Quadrant_PackagingGuide 10 Series Pivot Door (in recess)
Series10-Pivot-Door-Inline-Panel_PackagingGuide10 Series Pivot Door (with Side Panel) Series10-Pivot-Door-Inline-Panel_PackagingGuide 10 Series Pivot Door & Inline Panel (in recess)
Series10-Pivot-Door-Inline-Panel 10 Series Pivot Door & Inline Panel With Side Panel
Series10-Pivot-Door-Inline-Panel_PackagingGuide (1) 10 Series Sliding Door (in recess)
Series-10-Sliding-Door_PackagingGuide (1) 10 Series Sliding Door (with Side Panel)
Series-10-Sliding-Door_PackagingGuide (1)

MERLYN 8 Series

8 Series 1 Door Offset Quadrant
8 Series 1 Door Quadrant
8 Series 2 Door Quadrant
8 Series Sliding Door with Side Panel
Series-8-slding-Door3_PackagingGuide (2)
8 Series Sliding Door
8 Series Walk In (with end panel)

MERLYN 6 Series

6 Series 1 Door Offset Quadrant