Are there bespoke glass and frame colours options?

Bespoke Glass Colour

  • We offer Standard, Opti (low iron), Smoked Black and Satin (frosted) glass options.
  • All shower enclosures can be ordered with the above colours, apart from quadrant shower doors which are standard only.

Bespoke Frame Colour

  • We currently only have a bespoke chrome coloured frame.

*All bespoke orders have up to a 4 week lead time


Have a question? Email bespoke@merlyn.ie or call us 

What can we bespoke?

Only the Arysto Ten Range of shower enclosures can be bespoked. All products in this range apart from quadrant shower doors, can be bespoke to the maximum height and width detailed below:

Product Max Height & Width Min (Height)
Sliders 2400mm x 2400mm 1800mm
Hinged 2400mm x 2400mm No Restriction
Pentangle 2400mm x 2400mm 1800mm
Showerwall 2400mm x 2000mm No Restriction
Bathscreen 2400mm x 2000mm No Restriction
Showerwall & Swivel 2400mm x 2000mm No Restriction


  • All products apart from sliders and quadrant shower doors can have angled cuts and notched cuts.
  • All wall hinge shower doors must be fixed to a block wall or a reinforced stud wall.
  • All areas must be finished and tiled before measuring dimensions for a bespoke shower enclosure.
  • All bespoke orders have up to a 4 week lead time.

For any inquiries please email bespoke@merlyn.ie or call us.

Need instructions for your product?

All instructions and specifications for our products can be found by clicking on the link below and searching by your product:

3 sided enclosures (2 side panels) explained

  • You can only use 2 side panels with a fully framed shower enclosure (i.e.) Series 8, 6 and Ionic Express; and only with a sliding or bifold shower door.
  • It is not possible to have 2 side panels with a frameless shower enclosure.

How to determine the handing of our shower doors

For sliding/roller shower doors:

Standing on the outside, it is what direction you move/slide the shower door to open it.

For hinged shower doors:

Standing on the outside it is what side the hinges are on.

Before you get started

Before you install your new MERLYN Shower doors, bath shower screens or shower trays, please ensure to read through the product information sections of our brochures below. These includes information on:

What is the best way to clean your product?

  • It is important to clean your shower door after every use – wipe down all the glass and metal parts with a soft cloth.
  • Install the shower enclosure in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not allow limescale to build up in hard water areas on the shower door.
  • Ensure any residual water on the shower glass is removed after every use.
  • Clean the shower glass regularly using soapy water.
  • A 50:50 solution of water and vinegar may help to remove water-marking. Ensure all vinegar residue is removed.
  • DO NOT use abrasive products on any surfaces.
Always read the instructions on the packaging, chrome is vulnerable to acid attack and some strong household cleaners including strong disinfectants, denture cleaners, hair dyes, wine making chemicals and photographic chemicals may contain acid. These materials may have a varying effect on the surface from black spots/streaks (which cannot be removed) to pitting the surface. Contact with these materials should be avoided.

For more information on Mershield Stay Clear glass protection and its maintenance please click here.

How long does my guarantee last?

To show our utmost confidence in the quality of our products we offer the MERLYN Guarantee.

To avail of the guarantee please register your product within 28 days of purchase and you will be issued of a Guarantee number which you need to keep – register for your Guarantee online here.

Note: If you do not have an email address then please post in a copy of your proof of purchase with your personal details and our customer care team will register your product for you. Send to MERLYN, Unit 8 Purcellsinch Industrial Estate, Old Dublin Road, Kilkenny, R95 HP71, Ireland.


*Please check your product on information on the length of the Guarantee

How can I obtain spare parts?

There are a number of ways to purchase spare parts for our products.

  1. Purchase spare parts online for by visiting our spare parts section.
  2. Call our dedicated team who would be happy to help identify and source the spare part you need for your product.
From within the UK – Freephone 0808 101 1429
From within Ireland – 056 779 1555
  • We will need to know the model of the shower enclosure to supply the correct parts.
  • If claiming under a Guarantee please quote your Guarantee Registration number.
  • Still unsure? – Send images of the full product, including the handle and any of the badges or markings on the glass, waste cover to technical@merlyn.ie or WhatsApp 00353 8601 00002.

Where can I buy MERLYN Products?

Currently our products are available across all of Ireland, United Kingdom and France. To find your nearest displaying showroom in UK/Ireland please click here.

For inquiries about France or other countries please email info@merlyn.ie for more information or contact us.

For bespoke inquiries please email bespoke@merlyn.ie or contact us