More than just a roller...

Arysto Eight Roller System

Behind the design of our innovative Arysto Eight Shower Door 'Self Cleaning' Roller

More than just a roller…

Our Arysto Eight shower doors have self cleaning rollers, which have been designed with our consumer in mind. By limiting the debris build-up on the roller in these shower doors, it reduces cleaning time and prolongs the life of the roller. It has been cleverly designed with a number of other features that help improve the functionality of the shower door, by way of an adjustable bump stop which also acts to protect the rollers further.

The Arysto Eight Roller Adjustable Bump Stop

Adjustable Bump Stop 

The bump stop in the bottom profile of the shower door has been moulded with very high composite rubber that allows for different tolerances of the Arysto Eight shower enclosure roller arm. It has a little slot for five different sized tabs that can easily be changed to bigger or smaller versions, making the soft close on the door as smooth as possible. Each shower door is different and this ensures they can be tweaked to open and close as smoothly as possible.

Different Tolerances for the Arysto Eight Shower Door Roller Arm

The Roller Arm 

The roller arm in the shower door acts as a roller protector. On standard shower doors, the roller hits directly against the bump stop every time it is opened and closed. This causes wear and tear on the roller and will inevitably results in the need for replacements. Having the metal arm on the Arysto Eight Shower door acts as a protector, causing less stress on the roller and in turn will prolong its life.

The Arysto Eight Shower Door Roller Arm

Self Cleaning Bristles 

The self cleaning bristles rest on each wheel of the Arysto Eight shower door roller and clean off any debris as it hits the wheel. A great deal of testing went into this to ensure the strength of the bristles were accurate to actually remove the dirt, without affecting the function of the roller wheel.

The Arysto Eight Shower Door Roller Has Self Cleaning Bristles

Our Promise 

This new roller system in our Arysto Eight Shower doors has been designed and developed by our New Product Development (NPD) team and is completely unique to MERLYN.


Design elements like this are what set us apart