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Our MERLYN Bespoke service offers unrivalled quality and a unique offering which allows you to create your own, customized showering experience. Create a shower for your space with our Bespoke team who will work with you from start to finish.

What do we offer?

With several design options for you to explore and an infinite range of hinged doors and panels to suit any unusual space, you can be sure we’ll create the perfect shower enclosure for you. We can help to increase the height of a shower door, cater for dwarf type walls and different angled cuts, enabling you to create a shower door that fits your unique space.

Bespoke cut-outs to suit dwarf walls
Dwarf Wall Close Up
Bespoke Dwarf Wall Close Up


What we can do for you?

For bespoke projects, we offer a full surveying and installation service and all bespoke products come with the MERLYN Guarantee. We are here to help, so we will deliver CAD drawings and offer you a specification take off service to ensure you receive the correct product requirements. Plus, our state of the art warehouse management system guarantees your delivery will be right every time.

Our dedicated specification team will work with you to hand pick and tailor the best solutions depending on your showering environment.

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Increased height doors and panels


Our Products

We source the best materials available in shower enclosure manufacturing and precisely design each element of every shower enclosure to function to its optimum. Each range we produce, undergoes a three year design cycle to ensure it adheres to our internal design and quality controls.


Increased height doors and panels can be made to reach the ceiling


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Develop a bespoke personal shower enclosure of the highest quality with MERLYN and create a luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience. 


Bespoke Hinge Door with Inline Panel & Side Panel
Create your own unique space