Change your old bath screen for a new MERLYN bath shower screen using the unique
Easy-Fit - its so easy you can fit it yourself.

The new innovative MERLYN Easy-Fit is a hassle free solution to changing an old or tired looking bath screen. The unique patent pending, easy fit mechanism means you can replace a bath shower screen without the need to drill new holes into a bathroom wall.



You simply use the Easy-Fit kit with a new MERLYN Bath Screen, align to the existing bath screen holes in the bathroom wall, and fit the new MERLYN bath screen. So the bathroom wall remains in good condition with no risk of damaging the wall, cracking tiles, or having old bathroom wall holes exposed after installation.

The new Easy-Fit option makes fitting a new MERLYN Bath Screen simple and easy to install – it is so easy you can fit it yourself.




View the range of MERLYN Bath Screens with the Easy-Fit Option here



Easy-Fit – Take the hassle out of changing a Bath Shower Screen