Halo Handle

Add a bit of magic to your bathroom with our innovative Halo Handle.

What is the Halo Handle?

The flagship feature of our Arysto Ten Sliding Door range is our highly innovative ‘Halo’ handle. This beautifully designed lighting feature is the first of its kind for shower doors. The sensory activated handle reacts to the action of your hand, emitting an ambient glow that will elevate your showering experience to the next level of luxury.


The Halo Handle


How does it work?

The Halo Handle features LED lighting technology surrounding the frame, combined with a luxury curved chrome handle. It is completely interactive with the user and a simple hand movement towards the handle emits an ambient glow every time.


MERLYN Arysto Ten 3 Panel Slider with Halo Handle
MERLYN Arysto Ten 3 Panel Slider with Halo Handle

Arysto Ten Range 

The Halo Handle is exclusive to our beautifully designed Arysto Ten Sliding shower door range which features the never seen before Arysto Airglyde dual track roller system. This allows the sliding shower doors to glide effortlessly back and forth – elevating the Arysto Ten Sliding Door range into a class of its own. It also offers some of the most innovative accessories available on the market with the Halo Handle and frame options.


Halo Handle and LED Frame Option


Arysto Ten LED Frame Option


So find your halo with our exclusive Halo Handle