Mershield Stayclear

We treat all shower enclosure glass in our ranges with a special protective coating to ensure the glass maintains its sparkle.

Mershield Stayclear Easy Clean Glass Protection

Mershield Stayclear acts as a protective coating which when applied to shower glass helps the glass to remain shiny and new without the need for tiresome cleaning of the shower enclosure glass. When cleaned correctly, it helps prevent the build up of limescale and soap deposits making the shower glass “easy to clean”. Please see our top tips for cleaning and keeping your product in pristine condition here.

Without Mershield Stayclear Protective Coating

Without Mershield Stayclear protection water and soap deposits cling to the shower enclosure glass surface causing a build-up of grime, requiring more vigorous cleaning.

With Mershield Stayclear Protective Coating

The Mershield Stayclear protective coating provides a larger contact angle for the water droplet on the surface and makes the drops smaller than drops falling on an untreated surface. Mershield Stayclear smooths out the glass surface to allow water, soap and lime deposits to run off the glass. This ensures the droplets roll away much faster down the shower enclosure glass, minimising deposits left behind.

How it Works

When you look at glass under a microscope, the glass is naturally uneven which allows moisture and dirt to stick. Mershield Stayclear is a hydrophobic coating for glass and glass like surfaces. It is an invisible and non-stick barrier composed of microscopic particles that bind themselves to the glass surface. When your shower enclosure is coated, this lowers the friction, making it easier for any water, soap and limescale deposits to run off the glass.

How Mershield Protective Coating works

Top Tips on How to Keep your Glass in Pristine Condition

  • It is important to clean your shower door glass after every use – wipe down with a soft cloth
  • Install the shower enclosure in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not allow limescale to build up in hard water areas on the shower door
  • Ensure that any residual water on the shower door glass is removed after every use
  • Clean the shower door glass regularly using soapy water
  • A 50:50 solution of water and vinegar may help to remove water-marking. Ensure all vinegar residue is removed
  • DO NOT use abrasive products on any surfaces


Make shower enclosure cleaning easier with Mershield Stayclear Easy Clean Glasss Protection