May 17, 2021, Inspiration News

How more ‘screen time’ could save your life

MERLYN have teamed up with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to launch the My Sanctuary campaign

Did you know, more ‘screen time’ could save your life? No, we’re not referring to the daily tablet and TV battles, but time behind your shower screen. Almost half of UK women don’t actively check for early signs of breast cancer. And life in lockdown, leaving limited hours between work and home schooling, is only adding to the issue.

Along with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, we’ve launched the #MySanctuary campaign, which urges you to take some time for you, so that any changes to your body can be picked up as soon as possible.



According to the Pink Ribbon Foundation’s Head of Corporate Partnerships, Lisa Allen, “Showering is one of the best times to check your breasts. In fact, it’s the most common place that women pick up on any changes to their bodies.” (See our post on how to check your body here).

With the pandemic bringing about countless additional pressures to our day-to-day, #MySanctuary is all about the simple things you can do to make would-be mundane bathroom rituals a more relaxing and revitalising experience.

Keen to get involved?

Here are five top tips for creating the time, space and optimum setting for some all-important self-care and self-checking:


Wakey wakey: Kick start your day with a refreshing, hot shower – the jets can improve blood circulation and the hot steam can alleviate head colds, while helping us to relax. The sanctuary of the shower enclosure is also the perfect place to get to know your breasts and what’s normal for you.


Find your own beat: Create multiple playlists of your favourite tracks. Whether it’s an invigorating start to the day, a relaxing interlude or romance you’re seeking, the powerful combination of music and water will send waves of positive energy your way.


Create an atmosphere: Studies show that candlelight increases self-awareness. So once a month, light candles with calming scents that transport you to a place of tranquility. This is a great time for a more thorough check – examining your entire breast, underarm and collarbone areas.


Spoil yourself: Pampering yourself is one of the best forms of self-care. Put ‘me time’ at the top of your list and drench yourself in heavenly smelling creams and enriching oils once a week to release those uplifting hormones.


Invest in the bathroom of your dreams: Spending so much time in the same four walls has got us all re-evaluating our surroundings. The bathroom is a great space to turn into a ‘feel good’ room for the mind, body and soul – and the only room with a lock on the door for some much-needed peace and quiet.


As part of the #MySanctuary campaign, for every Arysto X shower enclosure sold in 2021, we will make a donation to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, continuing to support the organisation’s mission to fund projects and provide financial support to UK breast cancer charities.