Nov 12, 2019, Inspiration

How safe are taking hot showers during pregnancy?

We take a look at some of the myths around showering while pregnant.

Unwinding in a hot shower at the end of a long, hard day is a great way to relax. And not only that, showering has a number of health benefits like boosting your immune system or helping with skin conditions.

However, you may have heard that certain activities are unsafe for pregnant women as they can raise your core temperature. One of these being taking very hot, long showers and baths. Whilst precautions need to be taken around the temperature of the water, having regular warm showers whilst pregnant is perfectly safe.



This is because hot water can cause heat stress and boost your core body temperature beyond 102°F (39°C), which can be potentially dangerous for your baby. Although research is on-going, studies have shown that overheating, especially during the first trimester, can cause neural tube defects that affect your baby’s brain and spine development.

If your water is too hot, it could also make you feel faint or sick when you’re expecting, as the heat can lower your blood pressure more than normal. This can then affect the blood flow to your baby, which is unsafe at any stage of pregnancy.



The water should be cool enough that you can get in the shower straightaway without any hesitation. If the temperature of the water makes your skin turn red or you start to sweat, it is too hot.

Make sure you test the water first by dipping your elbow or forearm under the water, as these parts of your body are more sensitive than others.


In short: if the water isn’t too hot taking regular showers whilst pregnant can be a great way to escape from the many stresses and strains of pregnancy.

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