Apr 16, 2019, News

#Justareminder Campaign

MERLYN unveils 'Just a reminder…’ campaign with the Pink Ribbon Foundation

Thinking Pink

MERLYN is delighted to be working with renowned breast cancer grant-making trust the Pink Ribbon Foundation in a partnership set to raise awareness and funds that will ultimately save lives.


MERLYN unveils 'Just a reminder…’ campaign with the Pink Ribbon Foundation


Current Fundraising Initiatives
Barry Hoyne, Anne-Marie Mullen, Jeffrey O’Donoghue and Steve Van Rooyen from MERLYN are taking part in the Kilkenny Triathlon on July 21st in a bid to raise funds and awareness as part of our #justareminder campaign. You can support this fundraising initiative here.


Kayleigh Marshall from MERLYN is taking to the skies this August with a skydive as part of the #justareminder campaign. To support Kayleigh’s fundraising please click here 



Just a Reminder 

While showering is considered as one of the very best times for breasts to be checked for lumps, abnormalities and changes, in reality regular checking is usually forgotten or overlooked. MERLYN is initiating the “Just a reminder…” campaign to “harness the positive power that a daily shower can have in our lives”. The instantly recognisable Pink Ribbon symbol will be displayed on enclosures and accompanied by point of sale material and information in MERLYN’s bid to get the message across.

MERLYN Pink Ribbon Campaign 2019
MERLYN Pink Ribbon Campaign 2019



Fundraising Initiatives 

MERLYN also wanted to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation financially by organising and taking part in a series of fund-raising events. MERLYN CEO Charlie Soden said: “We are privileged to support such a cause.”


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