Dec 20, 2017, Inspiration

MERLYN Christmas Inspire

Day 3 - Be Thankful

Day 3 – Be Thankful
Do you ever ask yourself the question…what are you grateful for? As part of Merlyn #ChristmasCalm appreciate all the little things we have been blessed with in our lives. Sometimes when life takes over and we get so busy every day, we can forget just how fortunate we are.

Family First
Remember how lucky you are to have your family. Life can get hectic and we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have a family near or far that cares. This festive season take a moment to make time for each other. Sit down and talk, listen and discover. Turn off all the devices and reconnect with loved ones this holiday season.

Thankful for Good Health
As the saying go our health is our wealth and we need to be thankful for good health for ourselves and our family. Value every precious moment we have and appreciate our bodies, our minds and the gift of life that we have been given. Be thankful.

Home Sweet Home
With the cold winter weather setting in it’s hard not to think of people in harsh conditions without a roof over their heads. Having a home that provides shelter and love is a privilege so let’s be grateful for what we have. Cherish your home and all the memories it will gift you this Christmas.

Laughter is the Best Medicine
There is no better medicine than laughter. It is one of those things that can cheer you up when you have a bad day or feel down. It can lighten up the days of those we love. This Christmas have fun and laugh with friends and family whenever you can. These are precious moments to be truly thankful for.

Be Grateful for Love
Everybody wants to be loved. After all love makes the world go around. If you are surrounded by the love of your family and friends during the festive period you are exceptionally lucky. Love is the biggest gift you can give and receive at Christmas time. So be thankful you’re the lovely family you have.

Don’t lose track of what matters this season there are so many reasons to be thankful this Christmas.


Merlyn Showering Day 3 #ChristmasCalm
Merlyn Showering Day 3 #ChristmasCalm


Join us tomorrow as the countdown continues for day 2 of Merlyn #ChristmasCalm