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MERLYN Christmas Inspire

Day 6 - Merlyn Mindful Exercise

Day 6 – Merlyn Mindful Exercise
The festive season is upon us and that means the diet goes out the window. There are lots of Christmas TV marathons to be had and exercise can get forgotten as we eat drink and be merry. As the holidays can get so hectic, it’s time to be mindful and embrace the Merlyn Christmas mantra. Take time to exercise a little to embrace #ChristmasCalm. A quick walk or workout can have fantastic health benefits mentally & physically, which is exactly what we need for the holiday season.

Benefits of Exercise
Exercise is very beneficial at this time of year because:
 It helps prevent the dreaded Christmas weight gain
 It gets you out of the house and away from all the tempting food
 It boosts your immune system stopping all the winter bugs
 It helps fight stress

There is always a part of us that thinks there is no point starting a new fitness regime until the New Year. Well let’s shake that up this Christmas. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today feel good now! choose three mornings a week get up a little earlier, embrace the day and get a workout or walk done to kick-start the morning. Before the Christmas stresses start to creep in. You can even put on Christmas tunes to work up a sweat too! Try to schedule an activity after eating which can help support digestion better than nodding off on the cosy couch.

Console Fitness
If you don’t want to leave the house use the modern technology being played with for a whole new purpose. Why not purchase an exercise video or dance game for the Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wii. Use these energetic games or fitness workouts with the little ones create some fun for all the family to do together. Make some new memories.

Family fun
When you have an influx of guests and are finding it hard to make the time to get out and exercise fret not. Take a winter walk and get the whole family involved. Discover the festive woodlands or even the fresh winter air of a beach or go ice skating, fantastic seasonal fun for all the family while exercising too!

Happy and Healthy
A regular exercise regime is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle. This Christmas you might not be able to do your regular work out but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little something. Just 20 minutes three times a week is all you need to keep the Christmas weight gain at bay.

Make this your fittest Christmas ever with a little bit of mindful exercise.

Embrace a Merlyn Christmas

Day 6 Merlyn Christmas #ChristmasCalm
Day 6 Merlyn Christmas #ChristmasCalm


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