Dec 19, 2017, Inspiration

MERLYN Christmas Inspire

Day 5 - Treat Yourself

Day 5 Treat Yourself
As we mentioned Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little indulgence. This year as part of Merlyn #ChristmasCalm let Christmas give you back some of the old festive magic. Treat yourself for a change this year. We are always so generous during the festive period, sometimes we forget to treat ourselves.

At times buying gifts for others can be stressful, but we do it because we want to make loved ones smile. But how about making yourself smile too. So after you treat your nearest and dearest ask yourself how often do you treat yourself? I mean really take the time to treat yourself. Whether it is buying yourself a gift or simply taking time to relax, make this season truly magical and pamper you. There are many relaxing ways to pamper yourself and help you get your festive groove back. so go on, treat yourself, you deserve it…you really do.

Shower Spa
After a long day preparing for Christmas, treat yourself to a hot shower to wash away all the stress. Warm up from the chilly winter weather and light a few scented candles in the bathroom to create a relaxing haven. Reviving your body and mind. The perfect tonic for yuletide blues.

Flower Power
Everyone loves to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers dont we? It creates such a positive impact when they are placed around your home. So bring the natural world indoors and brighten up your day with a simple bouquet. Bring yourself a little scent of happiness you deserve the treat.

Invest in You
Is there something you have always dreamed of doing? Well now you can. Treat yourself and invest the time to learn a new skill or write a blog or book. Or take a makeup design course or simply taking time to hone in on your cooking skills, treat yourself and go for it! If it is something that makes you happy it’s worth it!

Day 5 Merlyn #ChristmasCalm
Day 5 Merlyn #ChristmasCalm


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