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#MySanctuary Series: ‘How to’ design your home sanctuary with Jo Love

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how important self-care and finding that all important ‘me-time' really is for our overall health and wellbeing. As we transition to the “new normal”, embracing remote working and increasing demands on our time in a swiftly changing world, making time for ourselves is as important as ever. The bathroom, in particular, has become a place where we go to reboot and relax - a home sanctuary.

With so many of us having more time and budget to complete home improvements projects, we’ve asked three interior designers to share their top design tips on how to build your perfect bathroom sanctuary at home.

In our third Design MySanctuary Q&A, we spoke with Interior Designer, Jo Love.

Jo Love

Name: Jo Love, Design Director, LOVEINTERIORS

Follow me on: Instagram @loveinteriors.co.uk 

Design Experience: Designing beautiful homes for over 20 years.

What would you say is your typical style and design ethos?

I take an individual approach that centres on a combination of practical and intuitive design to ensure homes and developments reach their full potential. My style is influenced by the unique energy of each project. I am told I create nurturing and calm spaces. I am not afraid of colour and how we can manipulate it for our benefit. I consider the many parts that create a ‘home’ from the land the site is situated, historic or contextual influences, to ergonomics and psychology.

My intentions are always to produce valuable environments that benefit people emotionally as well as physically. Part of my design philosophy is to unlock the joy that each and every home can give to the user in a stylish way. I love to follow fashion and geopolitical influences that shape today’s design direction. I wish to embrace as much kindness to nature and the planet as we can include.

Favourite Arysto Colour finish: brushed bronze. I love the flexibility of this finish and how it is metallic but the colour is warm.

Brushed Bronze


Over the last year in particular, the bathroom has become a personal space where we can go to unwind and relax and get some much needed ‘me-time’. Which key design trends or themes can help inspire people looking to create their own personal spa and home sanctuary?

 The key is to focus on what is right for you and your family. The trends are there to inspire us, but I always encourage my clients to ask ‘what is important to them? What will add value on all levels?’ Consciousness makes great design. The bathroom in particular, is a calm place for reflection and relaxation, be aware of how you feel in there, and how you can improve that experience. Lighting is a great way to play with the spaces for different times of the day. If you can’t add different levels of lighting you can add or suspend exterior solar or battery lights.

What advice would you give to homeowners looking to transform their own bathroom into a home sanctuary?

Storage for a clean space, clear mind: Be realistic about what you need, and clear out things you don’t. Wall hooks are a quick and easy way to lift clutter off the floor. Build storage into the walls where possible.

Add colour: Linen and towels are quick wins for instant makeovers. With your tiles and wall finishes, be aware of how the colours you choose make you feel. For example, if you go with grey, think about whether it’s a beach pebble or a concrete car park grey!

Do a little of what you love: Think about the objects or settings that trigger positive emotions for you; it doesn’t have to be literal or based around water. Then choose material finishes and colours that promote the same effect you want to achieve when using your bathroom. Experiment with nature: Incorporating healthy plants and foliage to create a focal point or add colour to a room is super positive. Green Is associated with feelings of growth, peace and connecting with nature. In addition, plants also help to purify the air we breathe.


My Sanctuary


Who inspires you at the moment? Are there any ‘platforms/social handles’ you love and recommend budding designers to follow?

I always try to remind myself and my clients that inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. A conversation, social events, adventures, walks and nature.I seek to take in as many new experiences as I can, and I love the link between our thoughts, intentions, and design. I follow lots of different creative designers from around the world on Instagram. I love to look at travel destinations, writers and philosophers and ways in which we can protect our planet. I think current contemporary design is a combination of all these factors. Something to try is shower meditation – People often find meditating difficult, but the time in the shower by its nature minimises distractions, so it’s a perfect way to start. Imagine all the negativity and limiting beliefs washing away and as you cleanse, add in the good positive thoughts.

Visit https://loveinteriors.co.uk/ to learn more about Jo’s work and passion for intuitive design.

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