Apr 23, 2021, Inspiration News

Introducing Revo: Shower with confidence and style

A sleek storage system and grab rail to provide a steadying hand for all the family.

More than just a sleek shower storage system! revo doubles up as a grabrail designed to offer a steadying hand to all the family.

revo unlocks your shower’s functionality:

  • Encourage independence in kids learning to shower
  • Offer a helping hand for mothers-to-be
  • Instill confidence in visiting grandparents
  • Keep shampoo and cosmetic collections organised and clutter free
  • Revo comes in a wide range of sizes and designs to meet your individual needs.

Revo is designed for living.



Fully customisable and stylish storage to suit your needs



A grab rail designed to support your family at all stages of life, including young children and those with limited mobility due to sports injuries, pregnancy, old age and all that life throws your way. revo is the multigenerational support that your family needs.


close up merlyn revo


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