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MERLYN Christmas Inspire

Day 4 - Share the Love

Day 4 – Share the Love

Christmas is best enjoyed when it’s not centred on gifts but when love is at the core. Love is the essence of Christmas. Christmas is about taking quality time with friends and family to share the love. Celebrating the love we have for each other and creating memories that will last forever. So this year as part of Merlyn #ChristmasCalm let’s go back to the true meaning of Christmas.


bring back the tradition of hanging festive mistletoe. It is meant to bring good luck to a household and is used as a sign of friendship and love. So go on give a kiss under the mistletoe this year.


Send Christmas Cards

It’s the season to take the time to write Christmas cards to loved ones. Of late this tradition has been falling out of fashion. so this year set aside a night to write personalised Christmas cards. why not add a hand written note. Let your little ones write festive cards to classmates too. Why not even surprise some new acquaintances with a card this year. Letter writing is becoming an obsolete form of communication as the world becomes more connected. But we all remember receiving a handwritten note or card through the post, it means a lot. So let’s keep this Christmas tradition going.


Surprise your Co workers

Make sure there is no Christmas Grinch in your workplace this festive season and keep co-workers going with a little Christmas cheer. Your office family spend more time with you during the week than at home with their own family so a great way to celebrate Christmas is to invite everyone to become a secret Santa. Set a small budget, put everyone’s name into a hat, pick a person and surprise them with a fantastic little gift. Its great fun and raises everyone’s festive spirits during a hectic time.


Give a little to those less fortunate

Christmas is the season for giving so share the love this year and give to those that have a little less. Many charities appreciate festive donations from simple food, toys or a little money can go a long way to making a family’s Christmas that little more special. What about older neighbours or the sick? Could you take the time to visit them one day and read to them? Or bring them a cup of tea and see if they are alright? There are lots of things you can do to help…and you will be glad you did.


So Count your blessings and put a little merry into someone’s Christmas

Share the Love


Day 4 Merlyn Showering Share the Love #ChristmasCalm
Day 4 Merlyn Showering Share the Love #ChristmasCalm


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