• Ultra Slim only 30mm in height
  • High grade Stone Resin
  • 3 Colour Options – White, Slate Black & Fossil Grey
  • Integrated Discreet Waste
  • Luxurious Textured Finish
  • Comes with 90mm Fast Flow Waste


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Truestone Rectangular Shower Tray Technical Specifications
Truestone Rectangular Shower Tray Fitting Instructions

Technical sheets

Truestone Rectangular Shower Tray Technical Specifications

Fitting instructions

Truestone Rectangular Shower Tray Fitting Instructions

Style, Size & Price options

Please choose your style.

Order CodeTray SizesGlass TypePrice £ Exc. VATPrice £ Inc. VAT
T108RTB1000 x 800Black 620.28744.34
T108RTS1000 x 800Sandstone 620.28744.34
T108RTG1000 x 800Graphite 620.28744.34
T108RTW1000 x 800White620.28744.34
T108RTF1000 x 800Fossil Grey620.28744.34
T128RTB1200 x 800Black 734.84881.81
T128RTS1200 x 800Sandstone 734.84881.81
T128RTG1200 x 800Graphite734.84881.81
T128RTW1200 x 800White734.84881.81
T128RTF1200 x 800Fossil Grey734.84881.81
T129RTB1200 x 900Black 825.31990.37
T129RTS1200 x 900Sandstone 825.31990.37
T129RTG1200 x 900Graphite825.31990.37
T129RTW1200 x 900White825.31990.37
T129RTF1200 x 900Fossil Grey825.31990.37
T148RTB1400 x 800Black 816.67980.00
T148RTS1400 x 800Sandstone 816.67980.00
T148RTG1400 x 800Graphite816.67980.00
T148RTW1400 x 800White816.67980.00
T148RTF1400 x 800Fossil Grey816.67980.00
T149RTB1400 x 900 Black 898.501,078.20
T149RTS1400 x 900Sandstone 898.501,078.20
T149RTG1400 x 900Graphite898.501,078.20
T149RTW1400 x 900White898.501,078.20
T149RTF1400 x 900Fossil Grey898.501,078.20
T158RTB1500 x 800Black 864.121,036.94
T158RTS1500 x 800Sandstone 864.121,036.94
T158RTG1500 x 800Graphite864.121,036.94
T158RTW1500 x 800White864.121,036.94
T158RTF1500 x 800Fossil Grey864.121,036.94
T159RTB1500 x 900Black 1,099.811,319.77
T159RTS1500 x 900Sandstone 1,099.811,319.77
T159RTG1500 x 900Graphite1,099.811,319.77
T159RTW1500 x 900White1,099.811,319.77
T159RTF1500 x 900Fossil Grey1,099.811,319.77
T168RTB1600 x 800Black 923.041,107.65
T168RTS1600 x 800Sandstone 923.041,107.65
T168RTG1600 x 800Graphite923.041,107.65
T168RTW1600 x 800White923.041,107.65
T168RTF1600 x 800Fossil Grey923.041,107.65
T169RTB1600 x 900Black 1,191.431,429.72
T169RTS1600 x 900Sandstone 1,191.431,429.72
T169RTG1600 x 900Graphite1,191.431,429.72
T169RTW1600 x 900White 1,191.431,429.72
T169RTF1600 x 900Fossil Grey 1,191.431,429.72
T178RTB1700 x 800Black 1,013.071,215.68
T178RTS1700 x 800Sandstone 1,013.071,215.68
T178RTG1700 x 800Graphite 1,013.071,215.68
T178RTW1700 x 800 White 1,013.071,215.68
T178RTF1700 x 800Fossil Grey 1,013.071,215.68
T179RTB1700 x 900 Black 1,230.711,476.85
T179RTS 1700 x 900Sandstone 1,230.711,476.85
T179RTG1700 x 900Graphite 1,230.711,476.85
T179RTW1700 x 900 White 1,230.711,476.85
T179RTF1700 x 900 Fossil Grey 1,230.711,476.85
Prices are correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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