The ultimate leak free bath screens

SecureSeal by MERLYN

SecureSeal by MERLYN offers the ultimate in leak free bath screens.
They are functional and easy to use designs to complement any bathroom space.

Secureseal by MERLYN

Has been designed with the same unrelenting attention to detail demonstrated across all our products. SecureSeal has been designed to be the ultimate in leak free bath screens. We have 6 SecureSeal bath screen options to choose from. These leak free bath shower screens can be used with any type of shower including power showers.



How SecureSeal Works 
SecureSeal has been designed with a Leak Free Sealing Arm which extends from the profile to create a complete seal between the bath and screen. When not in use, the arm simply folds away back into the profile for a neat and tidy finish.



Why Choose SecureSeal?

  • Glass screen heights – with a screen height of 1500mm and a glass of 6mm this bath screen offers you great quality together with its functionality
  • Leak free sealing arm – The leak free sealing arm gives you peace of mind to enjoy leak free shower experience
  • Space solutions – with the option of a single panel bathscreen, 4 fold bathscreen or 5 fold bathscreen, the SecureSeal bath screen offers you choice to suit your bathroom space
  • Fixed panel storage option – all sizes within this range of bath screens offer you the choice of adding our fixed panel storage option
  • Tested for safety and quality – all products are rigorously tested by us and global health & safety experts to the highest CE standards
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • Mershield Stayclear easy clean glass 



SecureSeal Bath Screen Options 

SecureSeal by MERLYN is available on our Single Panel bath screens, 4 Fold bath screens and 5 Fold bath screens. All come with storage options if required.


The SecureSeal Leak Free Sealing Arm


SecureSeal Lock
SecureSeal Fixed Panel


For the ultimate leak free bath screen choose SecureSeal by MERLYN